Coyne, Reeves, and Abarta
Boston MA / Gainesville FL;

Coyne & Reeves

John Coyne and Larre Reeves have been performing as “Coyne & Reeves” since 1994. John, originally from Limerick and now based in Boston plays bouzouki and is the voice of Coyne & Reeves, delivering songs both new and old. John is a regular at many sessions in and around Boston and Providence. Larre plays flute, concertina, and whistle to provide the melody. Larre is a teacher of Irish music in Florida and also repairs antique flutes. Together Coyne & Reeves have played at many festivals and private events including North Texas Irish Fest in Dallas, CelticFest Mississippi, Florida Folk Festival, Ormond Beach Celtic Fest, Jacksonville Irish fest, and many more. Their debut recording, “Ceann Eile Le d’Thoil” (2010) receives airplay in the U.S. and Ireland, and has been featured on several of Clare FMs shows.

Since age 15, Joey Abarta has made Irish traditional music his life’s passion—so it’s no surprise he tours the world playing this music as his trade. He has traveled to most of Continental Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia performing and sharing this music. He’s is a multi-instrumentalist performing on the uilleann pipes and tin whistle, as well as bodhrán and other percussion instruments. Joey is an All-Ireland champion, having placed second for his piping performance.

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