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To become a member of the Celtic Heritage Society, please fill out a short membership application and mail it in to us with your membership fee.


Membership F.A.Q.

"What is the CHS and Why Should I Join?"
The mission of the Celtic Heritage Society (CHS) since its founding in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1992, has been to study, promote, and preserve Celtic traditions and culture. This includes the music, dance, history, language, literature, art, and other activities native to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and Galicia. A related purpose of the CHS is to promote friendly association among its members. CHS is the principal sponsor of Mississippi's annual CelticFest. Participation in CHS events and CHS membership is open to all!

In addition to CelticFest, the CHS sponsors céilís (also spelled céilídh and pronounced "kay-lee"...a Celtic celebration featuring Celtic music and dance), as well as informative lectures and workshops on topics such as Irish dance, the Gaelic (Irish) language, etc. These events assist the CHS to meet its mission of studying, promoting and preserving Celtic traditions. CHS functions are intentionally family events--children are welcomed.

"That's cool... what else do I get?"
Benefits of CHS Membership:

  • Reduced admission prices for CHS events (other than CelticFest, which is already an incredible bargain)
  • Our quarterly newsletter, The Celtic Chronicle .
  • Voting privileges and opportunity to contribute to CHS events/committees.
  • Dibs on the choice volunteer spots at CelticFest
  • There are special membership categories for "donors" and "corporate sponsors" that provide additional special benefits.
  • Satisfaction at participating and supporting one of the best events in the South!

"Great... So how do I become a member?"
Follow this link to the online PDF application form!

You can also send your membership fees via Paypal:

Personal membership is $15


Family Membership is $25 (all in household)



Benefit Events for CelticFest Mississippi

Whiskey Tasting

Blasta Wine Tasting

Fion Pour

Feeling Lost?
You can read the F.A.Q., or try searching the CelticFest site here.


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What's Happening?
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