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Performers 2013

Featured Performers
Famous on both sides of the Atlantic, singer/guitarist Donie Carroll is a fine singer in the great old Cork street style. Read more...

Dance Master Éamonn de Cógáin is widely regarded as Ireland's most energetic MC. Read more...

Premier Irish-American fiddler Brian Conway performs with a skill, grace and force that are steeped in tradition but distinctively his own. Read more...
Combining two of America’s leading Irish performers are Sean-Nós (old style) dancer, Siobhán Butler and fiddler, Tony DeMarco in an exciting new duo consisting solely of fiddle and percussive dance. Read more...
Multi-instrumentalist Don Meade won the All-Ireland on the harmonica in 1987, plays in the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra, and leads the ever-popular weekly session at the Landmark Tavern in NYC. Read more...

"One of the best singers to emerge from the Scottish folk revival,” singer Ed Miller is joined by equally talented Jil Chambless on flute and vocals and composer/guitarist Scooter Muse. Read more...
Daniel NeelyDr. DANIEL NEELY
The Pure Drop
Dan Neely plays tenor banjo and mandolin, leads the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra, and runs a popular session at Lillie’s Bar and Restaurant in NYC. Read more...
Although long-time friends, this lineup was literally “blown together” by stormy weather; their signature is “pure drop” Irish traditional music played in traditional style. Read more...
Niall and Cillian Vallely learned their music the old-fashioned way - from their parents Brian and Eithne, who founded the Armagh Pipers’ Club, a group that for over three decades has fostered the revival of traditional music in Ireland’s north. Read more...
As an instrumentalist, composer, producer, and arranger who brings both passion and playfulness to his music while respecting the tradition it's rooted in. John Whelan has richly earned the Irish Echo's highest honor for traditional music. Read more...

Additional Music Performers
Albert Albert Alfonso, Dallas, TX
Contemporary & trad. bodhran
MacNamarra's MacNamarra's Hurrah, Orlando, FL
BdG banna de dhá, Fairhope, AL / Charleston, SC
McGuinness Sean McGuinness Reno, NV
Edgy Irish songs
BdG Heather Bixler,
New York, NY
Legacy Rob Millette, Florence, MS
Burleson John Burleson Fort Worth, TX
S&RS New Orleans Strathspey & Reel Society, New Orleans, LA
Scottish tunes
CCrossrds Celtic Crossroads Petal, MS
Celtic songs & tunes
Nine-8ths Nine-8ths Irish & Friends Dallas, TX
Trad. Irish tunes & songs
Cha Chambless & Muse Tuscaloosa+, AL
Scottish tunes & songs
NOQSK N.O. Quarter Shanty Krewe
New Orleans, LA, Songs of the sea
Coyne/Reeves Coyne, Reeve, and Abarta Boston MA / Gainesville FL, Irish tunes & songs luck

Luck Penny, Baton Rouge, LA

Crossroads Crossroads Ceili Band New Orleans, LA, Irish tunes SlipJig SlipJig Huntsville, AL
Celtic tunes & songs
accent Emerald Accent Laurel, MS
Celtic-old time tunes & songs
Smithfield Smithfield Fair Baton Rouge, LA
Scottish & original songs
FoW Father of Waters Pipe & Drums, Jackson, MS, Scottish bagpipe band Spirits Spirits of the House Jackson, MS
 Trad. Celtic tunes & songs
Donna Donna Fitch Bedford, TX
Celtic songs
Tea The Tea Merchants, Austin, TX 
High energy trad. Irish tunes
Harrison Michael Harrison,
Fort Worth, TX
Vulcan The Vulcan Eejits, Tuscaloosa/Birmingham, AL, Trad. Celtic tunes & songs
Loyd Burleson Peg Loyd & John Burleson
Little Rock, AR / Dallas, TX
Irish songs
Waters Jim Waters Bedford, TX
a cappella Celtic songs
Randy Louisiana Rhymers
New Orleans, LA
Wild Wild Irish Roots Baton Rouge, LA / Raymond, MS, Irish-American music
Randy Pete Dawson
Baton Rouge, LA
Dance Groups
BISD Birmingham Irish Set Dancers,
Birmingham, AL
McTeggart McTeggart Irish Dancers of Louisiana
New Orleans, LA
IDC Dixieland Cloggers of Brookhaven, Brookhaven, MS NOLAComhaltas New Orleans Irish Set Dancers,
New Orleans, LA
IDC Irish Dance Club,
New Orleans, LA
Scott-Ellis Northshore Irish Dance Academy / Crossroads Irish Dancers
Hammond / New Orleans, LA
IDC Jackson Irish Dancers,
Jackson, MS
Mac Scoil Rince MacCrossan
Gulfport, MS

SCA Field Displays

Shire of Iron Ox, Jackson's chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, will be on the grounds Saturday and Sunday to demonstrate mideaval sparring techniques.

2013 Guinness Highland Games
Highland games are events held throughout the year in Scotland and other countries as a way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture and heritage, especially that of the Scottish Highlands. Certain aspects of the games are so well known as to have become emblematic of Scotland, such as the bagpipes, the kilt, and the heavy events, especially the caber toss.

All athletes wishing to participate in the Guinness Highland Games must contact Jayson Tisdale at or 228-860-5642 to register. 

Heavy Hammer Throw: 22lbs in wt, traditionally a Scottish event now an International Olympic event. What probably began as an informal contest between two young men in front of a blacksmith shop in the highlands of Scotland has grown into the Olympic event. The competitor is judged on the best of three throws.

Light Hammer Throw: 16 lbs in weight.

Open Stone Throw: 18.6 lbs of Georgia Granite thrown for distance. This event is known in Gaelic as the Clachneart and is similar to the Olympic shot put. Each competitor is judged on the longest of three throws.

stone tossBraemar Stone of Strength: 21.7 lbs

16 lb. Sheaf Toss: A sheaf of hay in burlap tossed over a bar with a pitchfork for height. The origins of this event obviously lie in the agricultural regions of Scotland. A 16 pound sheaf of hay enclosed in a burlap bag is tossed with a three tined pitch fork over a bar. The sheaf must clear the bar without touching. Each competitor is given three chances to clear the bar. After each have had their throw, the bar is raised. This continues until all but one has been eliminated.

Light Weight For Distance: 28 lb weight is tossed. These events consist of a three part competition using two metal weights. Both weights are thrown for distance and the 56lb weight is tossed for height. Each competitor is judged on the best of three tries.

Heavy Weight For Distance 56lb weight



Benefit Events for CelticFest Mississippi

Whiskey Tasting


Coming again Spring 2014:
Blasta Wine Tasting

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