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Information for Festival Go-ers

CelticFestCelticFest Mississippi wouldn't be a festival without its vendors! For the festival go-er, in addition to the six stages of music and dance, plus afternoon Heritage, Music, and Dance workshops, there are a variety of Celtic and specialty item vendors. There are also plenty of food and drink vendors to keep the appetite sated!

The Celtic Heritage Society runs a booth where CelticFest MS T-shirts, performers CDs, and other items can be bought. You can also become a CHS member at the booth.



Information for Vendors

Friday: 7-12pm (The grounds are open to vendors on Friday, and are encouraged to be set up before the festival starts!)
Sat: 10am-12pm
Sun: 11am-6pm
CelticFestVendor Coordinator: Rob - (601.940.7374
Rob Millette **email protected by captcha

Our purpose is to provide both an educational and entertaining Celtic experience for those who attend all of our events. We accomplish this by bringing together national caliber headliners, the best regional Celtic musicians, dancers, artists and other performers as well as a great number of quality vendors and special events. We've enjoyed consistent growth since our first festival in 1991, and welcome the challenge to continue to expand and improve. Vendors are an important part of CelticFest Mississippi, and we hope that you will join us for this "little festival that could".

Scottish clans are also welcome to have a presence at CelticFest MS and should contact Rob Millette to coordinate the details.

About the Festival

CelticFest Mississippi is an annual event held at the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum since 1992, celebrating traditional music and dance of the Celtic nations including Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Brittany. The festival has featured performances from many well-known Celtic musicians and artisans over the years. It has now grown to a 3-day event with 4 music/dance stages (30 performing groups, over 150 performers), 3 workshop areas (workshops on dance, musical instruments, Gaelic language, genealogy, history, literature, Irish culture, Celtic art, etc.), public dances, singing and music sessions, an educational children's area, numerous Celtic exhibits, ample vending of food and Celtic specialty items. CelticFest has featured many internationally acclaimed artists including Paddy Keenan, Liz Carroll, Daithi Sproule, Billy McComiskey, Zan Mcleod, James Kelly, Mick Moloney, Seamus Egan, Eileen Ivers, Tim Britton, Ed Miller, Kieran O'Hare, Brendan Nolan, Cherish the Ladies, the Armagh Rhymers, and Chulrua.

CelticFest Mississippi is produced and sponsored by the Celtic Heritage Soceity, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax exempt organization dedicated to to study, promote, and preserve Celtic traditions and culture in Mississippi and the region, including music, dance, art, literature, language, and other activities native to Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Wales, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man. Many of the immigrants who settled in Mississippi were of Celtic extraction, by some estimates, ¾ of American southerners are descended from immigrants from Celtic lands. By its charter, membership in the CHS and participation in society functions are open to all. We encourage participation of all Mississippians in all CHS activities regardless of their own personal ethnic background.

Booth Sizes and Descriptions
10 ft by 10 ft area

Deposits and Fees

$125 Per Booth/Area Fee
$25 Three tables and two chairs
$75 Vending of Coke/Pepsi Products

How to Apply
Contact Rob Millette before submitting a contract - vendor spots may be filled! Afterwards, please fill out this form and mail or email them to Rob at the address below.
Letter for vendors

Contact Info
Rob Millette, Vendor Coordinator
P.O. Box 1277
Florence, MS 39073
Rob Millette **email protected by captcha




Benefit Events for CelticFest Mississippi

Whiskey Tasting

Blasta Wine Tasting

Fion Pour

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